George Angell, founder of
the Mass. SPCA once said,
" I am sometimes asked
'Why do you spend so
much of your time and
money in talking about
kindness to animals, when
there is so much cruelty to
men?' And I answer, 'I am
working at the roots'
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Mr. Angell
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"Are you considering adopting a pet for your classroom?
Get information about the care and needs of animals,
as well as how they can contribute to the education
of your students.
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responsibilities of adopting a classroom pet."
(Information is from "Dumb Friends League)
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 What is Humane Education?

The National Humane Education Society (NHES)
defines it best:
"....quality humane education provides children
opportunities to explore, apply, and adopt virtues
such as empathy, kindness, respect, and responsibility
toward living beings." NHES further states: "Humane
Education teaches people how to accept and fulfill
their responsibility to companion animals, such as cats
and dogs, and all forms of animal life.  It explains the
consequences of irresponsible behavior and encourages people to see the value of all
living things.  As today's society has come to recognize the connecting link between child
abuse, animal abuse and violence against people, the need to promote kindness and empathy through effective
humane education in our communities is greater than ever.  Furthermore, encouraging a deeper consideration of
the humane choices available to us in our daily lives--from consumer products to entertainment to food
--ultimately will help lessen animal suffering and create a more peaceful world."

 Why implement Humane Education?

Georgia's State Board of Education has required Georgia school's to implement and teach a 'character curriculum'
program.   We feel that Humane Education goes Hand ~N~ Paw with  this required comprehensive character
education program.  
Children are naturally drawn to animals.  What better
method of teaching 'character curriculum' than to use
animals as a springboard for learning and applying such
character traits as citizenship, compassion, respect for
others, generosity, respect for the environment, loyalty,
creativity, kindness, courtesy, and virtue
(just to name a few of the 27 character traits teachers in Georgia
are required to teach).
Jeannie R. Nichols, the 1924 chairperson  for the National PTA Humane Education Committee, had this to say
about humane education :
* "Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just,
kind and considerate in their intercourse with each other.  Character training along these lines in youth will result
in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding- in every respect more valuable
citizens.  Kindness is the one tongue that all human kind can understand that all creatures may be made to feel.  
It is the language that holds the balance of power in settling difficulties between individuals and nations, for,
above all, a heart made of kind means a mind above crime."
*Quote from "Canines in the Classroom" by Michelle A. Rivera

Also: *  "The value of humane education programs is backed by research. A 1997 study conducted by
Northeastern University and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found that over a
20-year period, a group of individuals who had abused animals as youths were five times more likely to commit
violent crimes, four times more likely to commit property crimes and three times more likely to have drug or
disorderly conduct offenses than a matched group of non animal abusers. "
*  Quoted from PAWS

Mission Statement:

Hand ~N~ Paw strives to provide quality humane ed that encompasses such virtues as kindness, compassion,
empathy and responsibility towards animals and others. In doing so, the hopes are to break the cycle of ignorance
and violence towards animals in order to reduce the numbers of homeless pets on the streets and in shelters
coupled with enriching the children's lives and that of their family by educating them on the value companion
animals add to their lives.  Our intent is to provide a wide range of resources to help make learning fun, offer a
broad range of career opportunities for their future coupled with instilling them with virtues that will aid them in their
future endeavors by creating a strong foundation for good
citizenship. We seek to use humane education as a valuable source of positive role modeling for some children
while using it to reaffirm and expand upon the kindness other children already practice.     

       To partner with schools and provide fun, informative lessons that mirror the schools
character                                    curriculum

        Sgt. Stubby has passed his Canine Good Citizen test and has visited several local schools
and                                 nursing homes.  We will work towards getting him trained as an actual
        therapy dog and hopefully one day be a part of the Delta Society.

Hand ~N~ Paw's FAQ:   click here:

"Every summer, up to thirty different Border Collies participate in Camp Border Collie for Kids, a
unique learning program for at risk inner-city children from  the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and
Newark, NJ. Each child is paired with a rescue dog to discover a gentle, positive approach to handling
and training. Coming from horrific cultural violence, these children transform their understanding of
how to care for and love a dog that clearly will love them back if treated properly. "
"The bond between a child who may have
been                                                                                        misunderstood, abandoned or abused with a
dog in the                                                                          same situation is an unparalleled way to promote
healing                                                                       for both. "
                           "The Canine Assisted Learning Program was founded
on                                                                        the principle that there is a definite link between how
we                                                                         treat animals and how we ultimately treat each other.
The                                                                       children learn in an environment that actualizes
a                                                                                   harmonious human/animal/nature relationship."

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Sam is retired from our
Hand ~N~ Paw program.  He has
visited South Jackson Elementary
and Jefferson Elementary schools
for career day.
He is a 13 year old Labrador and
has been a family member since he
was eight weeks old.
A thoughtful thank you from Mrs.
Truelove's second graders for our
presentation on Pet Care.
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