After years of having family and friends encouraging me to market/sell my artwork, I had one friend
that gave me that one suggestion to push me on over the edge to branch out and start my own web
site.  That suggestion was to start a web site with all the things I have learned over the years about our
four legged furry companions.  Art for Paws is my medium to use my artwork  to facilitate and
promote the value of our companion animals, coupled with tips on their behavior, training, toys and
just plain all things dog.  My goals for Art for Paws are to create high quality original artwork for the
sale and enjoyment of all who purchase it, while supporting education for and about our companion
animals.  Education is a vital tool for not only enriching our own lives and those of our companion
friends, but is also the key to ending suffering of our homeless four legged friends and reducing the
numbers of pets surrendered to shelters everyday.

Again, thank you for visiting my site I hope you enjoy it !
Lisa graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in
Horticulture and a minor in Interior Design from the Art Department..
It was after a 12 day visit to Best Friends Animal Society in 2005 that Lisa entered
the world of rescue, finding a true love in rescuing homeless pets. It was here that she
would recapture her creativity and passion for art. Although it wouldn’t be until 2009 that
Lisa would draw her first pet portrait, a little rescued pit bull named Tater. Combining her
love for rescued pets and her passion for art, Art for Paws was founded.

Lisa's uncanny ability to capture each pet’s personality through a photograph is one of
the things that gives her art a cutting edge. She is able to capture the pet’s soul
through their eyes and makes the viewer feel as though the pet is there in the room with
them. It gives Lisa great joy to bring to life a persons beloved pet. Her talents are not
limited to pets, but also transcends to people as well.

Her work can be seen at the Braselton Gallery in Braselton , Georgia, Dog Gone Cute
Grooming in Hoschton, Georgia and Pawtropolis in Athen, Georgia.

She currently lives in Jefferson, Georgia with her four dogs, two cats and a bunny.
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