Patricia McConnell Ph.D.:
"The Cautious Canine"           "The Other End of the Leash"
"How to be the Leader of the Pack...and Have Your Dog Love Your For it"
"Feeling Outnumbered?"
(written with Karen B. London Ph.D.)
DVD: "Reading Between the Lines" ("this is one of her seminars about reading your
dogs so that you can predict and influence their behavior")
Please check out Patricia's web site listed above for more DVD's and books and to learn about

Jean Donaldson:                    Jan Fennell:
"Dogs are from Neptune"                                       "The Dog Listener"
"The Culture Clash"                                                "Tales from the Dog Listener"

Dr. Ian Dunbar:
"Dog Behavior. Why Dogs do What They Do"     
"How to Teach  A New Dog Old Tricks"
Center for Applied Animal Behavior Booklets on "Preventing Aggression",  
"Socialisation", "Fighting", "HouseTraining", "Housetraining Supplement",  "Chewing",
"Digging", "Barking", "Fearfulness"

Jack and Wendy Volhard:               Paul Owens:
"The Canine Good Citizen"                                         "The Dog Whisperer"

Dr. Nicholas Dodman:                    Michelle A. Rivera
"The Dog Who Loved Too Much"                               "Canines in the Classroom
Suggested Books/Dvds/Magazines :

"Orville" by Robert Andrew Parker
"Oh the Pets you Can Get!" by Tish Rabe
"Sweet Magnolia" by Virginia Knoll
"How Smudge Came" by Nan Gregory
"Night Rabbits" by Lee Posey
"Let's Get a Pup! said Kate" by Bob Graham
"Lucky Boy" by Susan Boase
"The Bookshop Dog" by Cynthia Rylant
"Because of Winn Dixie" by Kate DiCamillo
(you may have to go to Amazon to get most of these books but they are well worth it.)

for more children's books please visit: Humane Society Youth

"Buddy Unchained"  by Daisy Bix
"Please Puppy Please" by Spike Lee & Tonya Lewis Lee
KIND News from HSUS Youth.
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for further details!.
The Bear
Benji Off the Leash
Black Beauty
Charlotte's Web
Finding Nemo
Fly Away Home
Free Willy
March of the Penguins
Mighty Joe Young
My Dog Skip
Shiloh 2
So Dear to My Heart
Stranger in the Woods
The Wild Thornberrys Movie
The list above is from Humane Society Youth
Hotel for Dogs
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valuable resource for teachers.   
Instilling Good Values: The articles, short stories, activities, and projects in
KIND News teach children the importance of treating people, animals, and the environment with kindness and
respect. The emphasis in KIND News on pet care, wildlife appreciation, and environmental conservation grabs
students’ interest and makes abstract values like compassion, citizenship, and responsibility come alive. It also
inspires many students to read." ~the Humane Society of the United States Youth
Michelle A. Rivera is a full time humane
educator and author.  She has been
involved in pet therapy for many years
and is a state-certified humane officer,
cruelty investigator, and a member of
several humane society and rescue
alliances. She is also the founder of
the Prayer Alliance for Animals.