FREQUENTLY                              ASKED

                        What areas does Hand ~N~ Paw serve?
Jackson County School Systems, Commerce, Jefferson, Nicholson City Schools

How far in advance should I make a request?
Two weeks please.

Who do I contact and what information do I leave
Email me at
                                    Please include:


How long are Hand ~N~ Paw programs and what do they include?
Programs range from 30-60 minutes each and may include fun question and answer game,
                          story time, applicable video, and application of the information shared.

                          Programs can and do  include a visit from a therapy dog, but when not able a puppet dog
                          and cat are used.

                          In-house field trips are available.  This is done with Shannon Vet Services where we can bring a
                          portion of vet clinic atmosphere to your school without all the mess.
                          Handouts applicable to the lesson are left behind for the children to keep. A survey will be given to the
                          children before and after the presentation.  These help monitor the benefits of our Hand ~N~ Paw programs.
                          Also, teachers will be given an evaluation form to complete on the speaker and the presentation.  This is a valuable tool
                          for us on how to improve or program and to know what is beneficial and what needs tweaking.

                  Where do you get your educational material?
Best Friends Animal Society
                            Humane Society of the United States
                            National Humane Education Society
                            American Humane Association
                            Dumb Friends Animal League

What age level are Hand ~N~ Paw's programs geared towards?
  Currently: Pre-K thru 5th grade    

How much does your program cost?
                               It's free.

What size group do you accommodate?
                               Groups of 35 and under for grades 2-5
                                and groups of 25 and under for pre-k - 3rd grade.

What are the goals Hand ~N~ Paw wishes to accomplish with the lessons provided?
                                 Our goal is to instill in the children  that participate in our programs:

                              Do you provide service learning activities that would correlate with current subjects
                       taught in Jackson County schools?
  Yes.  Click here for examples:
Your telephone number and the best time to reach you;
Date/time of your program
Age/grade of the participants
Size of class or group(s) how many classes/groups
Program topic
Organization/school name
Any special requests. (you will need to verify if any participants are allergic to pets.
The value of kindness and compassion
Proper care for companion animals
Respect for animals and the envrionment/wild life
Health expectations for companion animals and an understanding of
their behaviour
The consequences of irresponsible behaviour towards animals and
the environment.