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" I was small and had a nervous problem around people.  
That may be because of the mean kid that threw rocks at me.  
I stayed with that family for probably three months.  I'm not
very good with time.  I had to sleep outside under a car.  
It wasn't very comfortable and I was lonely.  Pretty soon,
there wasn't very much food for me anymore.  I had to go
from house to house trying to find something to eat.  Then
one day, I saw a man working on a house in my neighborhood.  
I saw him eating lunch every day.  Eventually, I had to go
say, "Hi."  From that day on I got free lunch and didn't even
have to work that much.  All I did was bark at the occasional
person walking by.  My job lasted about  a week and then the job was finished. The man was cleaning up and packing to go home.  It started raining
really hard and the man was in the house, so I ran to hide under my car.  Then, all of a sudden, the man ran from the house and got in his truck to leave.  
I didn't know what to do. Should I stay? Should I run out to say "goodbye"?  Then I saw the man start to drive away.  I was so sad and depressed.  Then I
saw the truck stop.  The door opened, and the man whistled for me to come get in the truck.  I guess he could use my help on another job...."
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