Art:                                                    Make posters advertising a local
                                                     rescue group's special events.

                                                     Create animal portraits or "paw print"
                                                     art as a fundraiser.

                                                     Submit original artwork for a rescue
                                                     group's fundraising calender.

Science:                              Contact local veterinarians or
                                                     veterinary technicians to learn about
                                                     various viruses and zoonotic
                                                     diseases and create an informational
                                                     brochure to be placed in the
vet's                                                                    lobby.

                                                     Research animal & eco-friendly
                                                     products and create a directory of
                                                     products for shelter/vet and
public                                                                  use.

Social Studies:                  Study state legislature voting records
                                                    on humane topics and prepare leaflets
                                                    so the community knows where a
                                                    candidate stands on issues based
                                                    on past votes.

                                                    Research animal advocates of the past
                                                    (such as George Angell, Leo Tolstoy,
                                                    Thomas Paine, or Abraham Lincoln) &
                                                    create a book of quotes to be placed
                                                    in a shelter or vet lobby or at
                                                    educational events.

Mathematics:                     Collect data and develop a
                                                    presentation or public service
                                                    announcement concerning pet
                                                    overpopulation & the benefits of
                                                     Create an age appropriate feeding
                                                     schedule for animals brought to
                                                     a shelter or in current Humane
                                                     Society (HSJC) foster care and
                                                     measure appropriate amounts food
                                                     for each animal.

Please note there are more activities, these are just a few examples. We will
make sure the activities are age appropriate for your class/group.