"Lisa Doster is the owner of Art for Paws. She is passionate about animal rescue, so she started drawing real-life pictures of dogs. She does any breed and her
pictures look so realistic that it’s difficult to see that someone actually drew it –it could pass for a digital photo!"
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In The News:
Lisa has a talent unlike any
artist I have
ever seen.  Her ability to
capture the character and
emotion in a photograph
and transfer it onto paper is
unmatched by other artists.  
She has drawn four of my
dogs.  The value,  perfection,
quality, and precision of her
work is why I recommend her
to my friends and will continue
to purchase her prints and
~Becky Davis
pleasure to work with
you and I can hardly
wait to see the

Thank you so much
for your patience!
Peggy Sue Sharo

Lisa does Awesome
work ! She is so
talented. So pleased
with her work. This
was a gift for my dad.
We lost ours a while back.
She did a portrait of her
from a picture and believe
me I feel I can reach out and
pet her. Wonderful and
fantastic artist. I wouldn't
take anything for my
Panda's portrait. Thank You
to my kids for having this
done and Thank You to Lisa
-You all did a GREAT Job!!!!!!
~Pat Harrison
Lisa has captured her happiness wonderfully,
that's for sure! The day the picture was taken
she was basking in the bright sunshine in the
front seat of the car after having spent the
day at work with me!
~Lianne Curry Daniel
Paula Serenko Matzko:
This pencil drawing was done by the talented
Lisa Doster. She truly is gifted in her ability
capture the essense of the
animals she sketches. Every piece is a labor of
love for her!
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I can't put into words how this painting has taken my breath
away. It is already on my wall. It's something that I will
cherish forever. These 3 dogs were such a huge part of my life.
2of these wonderful dogs are passed and when I look at this
beautiful portrait it's as if they are in the room with me.  You
are truly an amazing artist to be able to capture that.  
Kathy Patterson-Kershner