1 pint of Plain or Vanilla yogurt
1 Banana
2 TBSP (heaping) peanut butter
2 TBSP honey
*mix in a blender, pour in to
cups with a lid
and freeze and serve.
A friend recommended Schreiner's Herbal Solution to me for my dog who
suffers from seasonal grass allergies...on her paws.. She licks her feet
constantly.  This solution works great.  I do have to spray her paws before
she aggravates them too badly, but if I do her feet are fine!  Check out
Schreiner's at
Have a high energy dog? With a high
prey drive or very playful?  Try using a
flirtpole to exercise your dog.    Check
 Diane Jessup's web site for more
info on the flirt pole.  I used a stuffed
toy's arm or leg as opposed to a rabbit
skin as Diane suggests.  The toy
appendage works just fine.
SprayShield (formerly Direct Stop) Animal Deterrent
Spray with Clip by Premier

The #1 Alternative to Pepper Spray! Spray-Shield
(formerly Direct Stop) Animal Repellent Citronella Spray
Price $9.99
found at
The martingale collar I have found to be better
than a harness, regular collar or a choke collar.
Jeffers Pets carries it for a reasonable price for  
around $4.00 to  $7.00
Do you have a dog that suffers from irritable bowel
syndrome? Or a pup you have to take to the vet
often to have his anal glands expressed?  Try
adding a potato ( I cut mine up and boil, no butter
or salt of course) to your dog's food.  The size of
your dog and his exercise regime will determine
the amount of potato you add to his food.  You
can also try pumpkin or sweet potato.  I learned
this from "Your Dog" a magazine put out by
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tuft's
University.  My dog likes the regular potato best..
Is your dog a little..
energetic? Try using a
backpack.  It will double
your walk time for your dog.

is one place that
carries them but do feel free
to shop around.  The prices
Jeffers Pets ranges from
$27 to $36
  Need a diversion when you leave your home?
                             Try using peanut butter in a kong.  Use about
                             2 TBSP and spread around the inner top hole.
                             Got a pup with some separation anxiety?
                             Fill the kong about 3/4 full with
wet/canned                                                          food.  Freeze over night.  
Then put peanut
                             butter around the top opening.
Have a problem with your dog chewing the collar off your other dog?  Use
Capsasin on your dog's collar.  Put it on the outside, one bite/chew from your
chewer will cure him/her quickly.  Also, consider a Lupine collar, they are
guaranteed for life even against chewing.  You can also try CONTROL-IT!, a
safe non-toxic finger nail polish used for humans to help them stop biting their
nails.  Apply to outside of collar, allow to dry and apply two more times.  The
Capsasin works the best.
Got a teething puppy?  Try a clean old
wash cloth, dipped in chicken broth, and
squeezed just a little.  Make it into a roll,
place in a freezer bag and freeze.  It will
cool puppy's gums while she chews.  As
with all chews, don't leave her unattended.

Carrots also make great chews, but don't
give too many or they will upset her tummy.
Also, no grapes or rasins for any
dog/puppy as they are toxic!

Bully sticks, pizzle sticks  and lambs ears
also make great chews.  Rawhides are o.k.,
but remember they take longer to digest.
Nyla bone also has a great assortment of
good chews. (Jeffers Pets carries all)
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reproduced in any form or circulated
without written permission on a case by
case basis. Contact
for your Arthritic dog:

1.  Ease your senior's pain.  Check with your vet for anti-inflammatories (NSAID) and other pain
relievers such as: Vetrin Canine Aspirin, Carprofen (Rimadyl®), Etodolac (EtoGesic), Deracoxib
(Deramaxx), Ketoprofen, Meloxicam). Consult your veterinarian for more information and
prescription. Please note that aspirin and prescription NSAIDs should not be used together.

2. Add a good supplement to your senior's food.
Cosequin:"Cosequin® is a patented, scientifically researched nutritional supplement dispensed by
thousands of veterinarians to help dogs maintain healthy joints. As dogs age, it is common for their
joints to become less flexible which impacts their mobility and quality of life. Even at younger ages
some dogs are subject to joint health concerns which affect flexibility and mobility. Cosequin® is an
exclusive formula of three ingredients: Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine Hydrochloride and
Manganese Ascorbate."   
Joint Strong:"Designed as a 3-pronged approach to joint disorders.
(1) "Puts out the fire" of inflammation with ORAC antioxidants as found in wolf diets.
(2) Guards cartilage from chemical attack. Green tea extract, acetyl-cysteine and curcumin inhibit
cartilage destroying enzymes.
(3) Supports repair and growth. Glucosamine (1150 mg), chondroitin and CMO help "turn on" anabolic
processes to support cartilage repair and growth."
or Drs. Foster & Smith: Joint Care 3. :"Our favorite daily glucosamine product when you're concerned
about your pet's joints. Our premium formula includes glucosamine and chondroitin to supply the
building blocks of cartilage.This premium formula includes soybean and avocado unsaponifiables
(ASU) phytosterols. Research shows ASUs support healthy joints and cartilage in many ways at a
cellular level. MSM is included as an organic source of sulfur. Also contains antioxidant nutrients that
help the body’s normal defenses. Recommended especially for senior pets. Liver flavored tablets or
granules. For dogs and cats

                               .          Elevated feeders not only eases
                                          stress on
                                          your dog's neck and spine,
                                          but it also aides in digestion.

4.  A good orthopedic bed supports you pet's joints and is easy for your pet to get in and out of bed.
Place the bed away from cold drafts.  

5.  As the weather conditions get colder, and damper add some heat for your senior with a sweater or
a few Snuggle Safe's.  You place these in the microwave, per the instructions, and place under your
pets blanket for 12 hours of warmth.  Jeffers Pets also carries a dog friendly warming  pad called:
                                                                                                                    Lectro-Kennel™ Warming Pads

6.  Exercise!  Exercise helps muscle tone which in turn adds support to the joints.  Start out light, 10-
15 minutes , everyday is fine.  You can work up to three hours a week.  Go easy and let your pet set
the pace.  Stop if he/she becomes fatigued no matter how long you have been walking. Walking is
good, swimming is great!  You can also play games with your pet, stimulate his "mental" muscles.

7.  If you pooch is fluffy, aka obese, a weight reduction is in order.  Overweight adds strain on the
joints.  Check with your vet for a diet tailored to your senior.

For more articles on arthritis, hip dysplasia and your senior pet go to
Drs Foster and Smith
and for more on Senior Pet Care.
Border collie?  Try a tether ball set!  
We used a 4" PVC pipe , drilled a
hole at the top to attach the rope
and tether ball.
Just some fun things and suggestions for your pet.